Ashley Nicole

To say that Adrian is an excellent realtor, is really not doing justice to his skill set and the rapport that he builds with his clients. As a single woman purchasing her first home, I did not have a lot of knowledge about what to lookout for, red flags in a home or the things that add value to a home. I also was not 100% sure of what exactly I was looking for. Adrian guided me through the process seamlessly. He took the time to know and understand what matters to me, what will work for me and to educate me about all things related to home ownership along the way. I quickly grew to trust him and I knew that he had nothing but my best interests at heart. He is not some pushy sales guy who just wants his commission. He wants to make sure you will find a house that you can make a home. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian to anyone who is looking for a realtor. I lucked out coming across him and couldn’t be happier! Thanks AdrianĀ 

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