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I’m not going to lie….the hardest part of my job is buyers. Since every seller becomes one, it is an art that needs to be handled with care and diligence. A residential real estate transaction can become an emotional roller coaster as buyers fall in and out of love with potential homes. I actually get texts, emails and even calls at all hours from frantic buyers not wanting to miss out on the next deal. A level head and calm approach can be the difference between an anxious transaction and a comfortable one.

The key to finding homes is access. Real time MLS access narrowed down to suit an individual buyers wish list. We have sophisticated computer programs that make sure you receive the most up to date new properties as they come onto the market place. The internet is flooded with real estate information. There are so many third party sites that scavenge real estate data and distort what is really going on in the market. I have actually had calls about properties I sold last year on third party sites that I have nothing to do with. No wonder buyers are confused. They don’t have to be! Interview a realtor and get the correct information.

I have worked with hundreds of Buyers and helped them get into homes. Working with buyers takes perseverance. The individual agent you choose to take on the task of finding you a home for your family needs to be available and prudent. My services here are the difference between missing out on the home of your dreams or getting into it!

If you want to be part of my Buyers system, just go to the home page and click on “Buyers”! I look forward to hearing from you!